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Fly Through Massive Worlds

Explore the Drifting Realms as an immortal, flying warrior separated from their unit, trying to find a way home.

Become a Demi-god

Collect weapons, spells, items, and ancient ritual powers to aid you. Customize your Archon’s attributes to transform them into something unique and incredibly powerful.

Choose Your Battles

Engage in fun-as-hell combat with surreal creatures, sinister demons, and awesome gods on your journey through the Drifting Realms. Or don’t. There is always another option.

Become Part of a Living Universe

Each creature and character in Wander has feelings and memories. As you explore, you’ll witness and affect entire ecosystems, change the way creatures interact with you based on how you treat them, and make tough choices that impact the very fate of the Drifting Realms.

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