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An arrow flashed past my head and shattered on the gate’s stone arch just ahead of me. I dove for the gate’s shimmering surface. A sharp pain stabbed my lower leg, and I screamed in pain, but then I was through, tumbling down the stairs on the far side of the gate.

I landed amid a herd of the strangest birds I have ever seen, their weirdly regular heads seeming to float above their bodies, disconnected, yet clearly whole. They hopped and skittered away from me, chirping strangely and keeping their distance, but showing no real fear.

Suddenly a gelatinous leviathan, waving tendrils that looked like the stems of the plants around it, lurched from the underbrush and gobbled down one of the birds in a single gulp. The rest screeched and scattered, fleeing into the jungle. It was just me, alone and wounded, face-to-face with the fanged, slobbering maw…

The worlds of Wander are designed to live and breathe on their own. In nature, all things that reside in a place are interconnected and we follow that philosophy in the creation of our worlds. Everything has a reason to exist, its own place in the cycles of life and death.
Creatures and NPCs in Wander act based on emotions, driven by motivations and instincts. Every living creature has a mind of its own, the ability to think and feel for itself.
Some creatures instinctively feel lonely without others of their kind, and flock together to seek company.
Others choose a small pack and ruthlessly defend their territory.
Yet others roam in flocks, herds and schools, some docile, some predatory. And some are loners, stalking the weak, leaving little behind for the scavengers that follow.

Like real ecosystems, the natural cycles in Wander thrive in a delicate balance, easily influenced by invaders. Do too much damage to a place, and you may scar its inhabitants forever. Help it thrive and watch it flourish, or take what you will and let the strong survive. This is the power of Archons, what will you do?