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I don’t remember the fall or the landing, but when I awoke, I was in a very strange place. Crystalline stalks surrounded me with reflections, as if I were in a forest of mirrors, and the ground beneath me was metallic and shiny.

I got to my feet and folded my wings behind me. Their reflection glimmered off the nearby stalks, mingling with the light filtering down through the crystal forest, and cast a strange hue across the ground,. Above me, a bright slash ran across the sky, shining like many suns were caught inside it.

Where am I?

“You’re awake,” the Captain’s voice said inside my head, using the same mind-to-mind communication we use in battle. “You are caught in the Drifting Realms, and we are unable to cross the Stygian Expanse to retrieve you. You will have to find a way across from your side.”


“Follow the sun, my friend, and return to us.”

Wander is the story of a journey home…

You are a lone Archon, separated from your squadmates in the heat of battle.

Lost in a place where chaos and order are caught in eternal conflict

You must make your way across the Drifting Realms, dimensions unlike any that exist in the Overworlds, aided by the voice of your Captain. His guidance will help you find your way home, but only you can decide how you will influence the worlds you pass through.

Each character in Wander is fully-voice and carefully conceived, bringing their own personality and their own take on their experiences in the Drifting Realms.

Although the story of your return is the driving force behind your explorations, the strange dimensions and surreal worlds you cross are full of their own stories, their own characters, and their own life.

These worlds were here long before you arrived, and many of them will still be here after you cross the Stygian Expanse and rejoin the ranks of the Violet Army.

Yours will not be the only fate you influence on your travels. And even your fate may be changed by what you experience. What story will your actions tell among the Drifting Realms? How will the worlds you leave behind remember you?