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The Wander Experience: Open Worlds

The Drifting Realms are a mass of twisted connections and forgotten worlds, writhing on the edges of existence. Their connections take many forms: gates, doors, and occasionally subtle rifts in space-time.

On your travels within them, you will pass through many expansive, uniquely crafted lands with their own stories, creatures, and ecosystems. Some realms are on the brink of shattering into nothing as their laws break down, while others are held together by powerful beings that watch over them.

As an Archon, you’ll have complete freedom to explore and discover the inner workings of each world at your own pace. To return to your home in the Overworlds, you must find your way through the Realms, using their many connections on your journey toward the Stygian Expanse.

The Stygian Expanse stands between the Overworlds and the Drifting Realms, an infinite rift between all matter and energy.

To cross the Expanse you will first need to reach it, passing through many different planes within the Drifting Realms.

In Wander, places reflect the tales of how they came to be.

Some worlds barely exist at all, held together only by the will of long-dead gods or powerful magicians.

These places are made as much of memory as they are of stone and soil, places where even life and death can be difficult to define.

You would be wise to pay attention to the forces at work within each realm, for not all places are subject to the known laws of Time and Space. Finding ways to make those forces work for you will be the key to unlocking the world’s secrets.

Other realms are perfectly solid, and brutally harsh, with environments so extreme that only the most hardy beings can survive. These lands demand much from those who journey through them, and from their few inhabitants. Yet even the eldest and most barren worlds have a story.

No matter the world, the deeper you delve, the more you’ll discover: hidden weapons, ancient powers, and lost technology. Roam the multiverse, customize your Archon, and unravel the secrets of old.

Some places in the Drifting Realms are full of life, buzzing with energy and following natural cycles. In worlds like these, the life within may tell its own story, whether it is a story of growth and energy, or of stagnation and decay.

Yet simple, natural worlds still harbor hidden dangers and cunning foes. Do not let your guard down, for even an Archon may fall if the world itself turns against them.

However, not all places in the Drifting Realms are primeval or dead. Some are civilized by sentient creatures. Here amid the chaos, there are a few pockets of trade between worlds, places where gods and mortals mingle.

As with all worlds, civilization does not necessarily mean safety, especially for outsiders. Attend, if you must, to the laws of mortals when treading upon their lands. Anger their gods, and you may make enemies who can threaten you with a fate worse than death.

Wander with care, brave Archon, and may you find your way home.