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Wander is an open-world game about exploration, discovery, and freedom.

In it you take on the role of an Archon, torn from your world by hellish foes. Your journey home will lead you through many worlds, from lush jungle to blasted hellscape and beyond, and offer many stories to take part in and experience.

Along the way you will fight enemies and make friends, engage in visceral aerial combat and stop to smell the flowers. Throughout the worlds of the Drifting Realms, you will find magical artifacts, new powers, and ancient weapons, and grow your character to fit your style of play.

See you there!



What is an Archon?

An Archon is an immortal, winged construct: celestial power animating a metal body. They are the shock troops of the Overworlds, and have been given power that often rivals that of demigods.

Archons also have the ability to absorb power from many different sources, which allows them to grow in strength beyond what they were given at their creation.

How cool are they?