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What is Wander?

Wander is Grenunny Studios’ upcoming open-world role-playing game:
Become an immortal Archon, forged from divine power. Engage in groundbreaking aerial combat and discover strange, breathtaking new worlds as you journey across the multiverse!

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What is Wander?

Open World Explore the Drifting Realms, a surreal collection of worlds all caught on the brink of dissolution. Venture everywhere, including the skies. Flight Our powerful flight system will immerse you in the body of an Archon, one of the winged defenders of the...

Welcome to Wander

Wander is an open-world game about exploration, discovery, and freedom. In it you take on the role of an Archon, torn from your world by hellish foes. Your journey home will lead you through many worlds, from lush jungle to blasted hellscape and beyond, and offer many...